Tobacco Free Community Partnership

Make Smoking History in Hampshire and Franklin Counties

What We Do

We serve as a free resource for educators, municipal leaders, property owners, youth, families, legislators, local business & organizations that need assistance with tobacco intervention efforts. Through a wide variety of initiatives, we have helped to make several housing authorities smoke free, ensure that tobacco products are not sold to youth, reduced the availability and visibility of tobacco products in advertising, help smokers quit and prevent young people from starting to smoke.

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The 84 Movement

The 84 is a statewide movement of youth in Massachusetts who make schools and communities healthier by the challenging the tactics of the tobacco industry specifically aimed at youth.

The 84 represents the 84% of youth in Massachusetts who choose to do positive things and NOT smoke. Within the Hampshire and Franklin County area there are 7 active 84 Chapters and recruiting is ongoing.

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Why Become a Chapter?  Chapters will get:

  • Exclusive invites to statewide events and free trainings to learn about tobacco prevention and network with other youth around the state.
  • Eligibility to apply for funding to take on a number of tobacco prevention projects
  • Opportunity for recognition at the State House
  • Meetings with your law makers
  • Access to The 84 promotional toolkit with a binder of activity ideas and more
  • A custom page on the The to highlight our Chapter’s successes and get attention
  • The chance to participate in statewide competitions and earn group rewards

Becoming a Chapter is easy and free! You can create a Chapter with only 5 youth from your existing group or form a new group, with a supportive adult advisor.

To learn more, log on to:

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Oppose Tobacco Tactics

The tobacco industry continues to target youth. The latest tobacco industry tactic is to design new, low cost, youth friendly tobacco products –like candy flavored dissolvable tobacco. The industry is making the packaging look like it contains mints, gum, candy or other non-tobacco product. The “Oppose Tobacco Tactics” is a great way for concerned adults to learn more about these emerging tobacco products as well as the opportunity to take action. If you want to have an active voice in your community, sign up to receive action alerts about tobacco activity and pending regulations in your community.

To become a member, log on to: Be sure to choose the Hampshire/Franklin Community.


Since 2009, 1,815 units have gone smoke free in local municipal Housing Authorities


Smoke Free Housing

Secondhand smoke causes the same serious illnesses as active smoking: lung cancer, heart disease in adults, asthma attacks, pneumonia and ear infections in children and infants.  Residents living in multi-unit housing are particularly vulnerable to secondhand smoke since cigarette smoke migrates through cracks, flooring, ductwork and doorways. Since there is no safe level of secondhand smoke, a resident is still at risk even if they are a non-smoker.

The Tobacco Free Community Partnership is working hard to change attitudes and behaviors to eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke in both private and public multi-unit housing. We strive to create a healthy dialogue between resident and property owner when one party seeks to go smoke free. This is achieved by educating the property owner as to the many benefits of going smoke free and providing information and tools to residents so they can make an informed decision.

We provide technical assistance for:

  • Smoke free housing survey design

  • Economic analysis tools for landlords

  • Public health and public safety information

  • Proven techniques to go smoke free for condos, apartments, subsidized housing or housing authorities

  • Legal questions

  • Smoke free policy templates


Trying to Quit? Cessation Info

If you’re thinking about quitting smoking, find out how your health insurance plan can help. Many health plans help cover the cost of medicines and counseling to help you quit smoking. Remember, using quit-smoking medicine or counseling support can more than double your chances to quit for good! Some health plans cover more than others. Coverage often changes.

MassHealth covers all FDA-approved medicines and counseling to help you quit smoking. Other public health insurance plans in Massachusetts, including Commonwealth Care and Medicare, also cover counseling support and many FDA-approved medicines. Private health plans, which include plans from employers and the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) plans for state and municipal workers, may have quit-smoking benefits. The benefits you have depend on your insurance carrier, your employer’s choices, and your membership plan.

Call the customer information phone number listed on the back of your health plan card to find out what quit-smoking benefits you have. When you call, make sure to ask these important questions to find out what your full quit-smoking benefit is. Even if you’re not sure if you’ll use it, it’s good to know what your options are in case you change your mind.

Learn About cessation resources

Free Medicine and Coaching to Quit

Improve your chances of quitting tobacco with free medicine and coaching! The MA Smokers’ Helpline now offers new online tools to help those looking to quit, like peer support and motivational text messages.  People who use coaching and medicines together are 3x as likely to quit for good. Click now for online support and to contact a quit coach.

The MA Smokers’ Helpline is a program of the MA Department of Public Health.

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