June 15, 2018

Contact: Ellen Batchelder,, 413-584-1300 x3

Spring cleaning? HCG Purchasing Co-op opens new custodial supplies bid

As summer is fast-approaching, it’s time for a deep clean. The HCG Purchasing Co-op offers municipalities, schools, and nonprofits an opportunity to save time, money, and effort through the new Custodial Supplies Bid. This bid offers free delivery, with no cost to participate and take advantage of the savings. Supplies may be ordered as needed.

“Cleaning supplies are always needed to keep an operation running smoothly,” says Ellen Batchelder, director, HCG Purchasing Co-op. “This new bid offers a wide array of products available for purchase, ranging from paper towels and trash can liners, to floor cleaning products, waste paper baskets, batteries, and light bulbs.”

The awarded products were chosen through careful consideration to assure participants receive the most value for their money. Representatives from Belchertown, Pioneer Valley Regional, and West Springfield schools assisted in choosing the awarded products.

“We don’t have the time to get multiple quotes for each product the district needs, and I have found this service very helpful for the purchase of Custodial and Maintenance supplies,” says James Huber, facilities manager, Gill-Montague Regional School District. Participants from Central Berkshire Regional and West Springfield schools also report smooth transactions and prompt deliveries.

A valuable and widely-used custodial supplies had previously been offered through Lower Pioneer Valley Education Cooperative. After its discontinuation in fiscal year 2016, participants were looking for an easy-to-use option which included an available product list.

Last Fall, HCG issued a survey to gauge interest, and there was overwhelming support for a bid which would provide easy access to quality products for everyday cleaning needs. The award list is comprised of approximately 400 items available from 14 well-known, responsible vendors. Contracts are in place, and in effect through December 31, 2018. To learn more about how to participate in this bid, please call us or visit

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