The Volunteer Connector for People 55 and Over

Since 1973, RSVP has worked with volunteers and organizations to meet the community’s most pressing needs.

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Each year, RSVP volunteers contribute more than 100,000 service hours


“RSVP does a great job screening and placing volunteers where they will be successful. RSVP always finds just the right volunteer to work with us on both short and long-term projects.  The RSVP staff makes it so easy, and the volunteers we work with are terrific!”

-Anna-Beth Winograd, Cancer Connection, Inc.

“RSVP volunteers are amazing!  They are some of the most intelligent, talented people I have ever met, and they have understood the importance of the work that we do since day one.  Input from RSVP volunteers has been a vital part of shaping our program to best meet the needs of the children in our community.”

Jake Meginsky, Amherst Cinema

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