The Future of Municipal Financial Management is Here

HCG’s Municipal Financial Management Service is an innovative, efficient and comprehensive program designed for communities throughout the Commonwealth to fully address their financial management needs. 

Municipalities of any size may select one or some or all of the following services: Finance Director, Accounting, Collector, Treasurer, and Assessor. Each service is approached from a team perspective in order to provide a tailored, responsive and affordable financial management solution. 


  • Economies of Scale across disciplines
  • Savings and Steep discounts of up to 25% with bundled services
  • Additional Discounts as overall program grows
  • FREE initial assessment 
  • Cloud-based VADAR software licenses included
  • Team approach with experts always on call 
  • Experienced, Licensed and Trained staff, always
  • No staffing gaps due to vacation, sick leave, or turnover
  • No potential loss of institutional memory
  • Increased data security

This program provides professional financial management services to towns and quasi-government entities.

Services include:

  • Accounting
  • Finance Director
  • Treasurer
  • Collector
  • Assessor 


  • We offer a wide pool of well-trained employees, with readily available skillsets.
  • Communities can determine a level of service needed and pay only for that service, without the costs associated with employment benefits.
  • With the ability to work remotely, we also offer the opportunity for statewide support.
Division of Local Services
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Regional Financial Management Services

Finance Director

  • CFO
  • Annual Budget
  • Tax Rate
  • Financial Health Monitoring and Reporting
  • Town Meeting Article Review


  • Weekly Accounts Payable Warrant
  • Payroll Posting
  • Cash Receipts
  • Cash Activity Reconciliation
  • Reporting
  • Year End Annual Reporting
  • Support


  • Tax and Excise Payments
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Balance Reconciliation
  • Billing, Collection, cash receipt management 
  • Escalation of Outstanding Receivables
  • Printing and Mailing of Bills
  • Deputy Collector
  • Tax Payer Communications


  • Cash Deposits
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Treasurer Quarterly Cash Statement
  • Treasury and Cash receipt management


  • Review property and update value
  • Review of permits
  • Abatement and Exemption management
  • Reevaluation per Department of Revenue
  • Tax Rate Recap
  • Onsite meetings as needed. 

Program Highlights

  • All inclusive Software
  • 24/7 Staff
  • 15-20% Savings
  • Security
  • No Gaps

“The Town of Goshen has been very pleased with the HCG Regional Financial Management Services’ performance this past year. The process of bill payment is running smoothly, as is the payroll’s. They have been most helpful to the finance committee and other employees in educating them on the ins and outs of MA regulations in the finance arena. Additionally, they have been most helpful in assisting us and getting back to us with answers to our questions.”

– Diane Bushee, Chair of the Goshen Selectboard

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