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Massachusetts Energy Credit Markets Are on the Rise

Property owners are happily reaping the rewards of clean energy thanks to HCG and the Department of Energy Resources’ initiatives supporting renewable and alternative energy sources. This year alone, HCG has sold over 24,000 energy credits for its customers, totaling nearly $3.2 million in sales. All property owners in Massachusetts should look into clean sources of electricity, heating and cooling, and HCG can guide you through the decision-making process.

HCG drops membership dues to $1

The Hampshire Council of Governments has reduced its annual membership dues to $1 in hopes of attracting more municipalities to join.

HCG Strategic Planning Update

The Hampshire Council of Governments’ (HCG) Strategic Planning Committee was formed to reexamine the structure and operations of the organization and to ensure its long-term sustainability. After months of analysis, we believe that we have reached a critical time in the process and want to share with you what we have learned.

Hampshire COG starts solar water heating program

The “solarize” Massachusetts programs have worked so well that a new pilot program launched in the Pioneer Valley is trying to make as big a splash for solar hot water. Working with a Clean Energy Center grant, the Hampshire Council of Governments has launched the first grant for homeowners to install solar hot water systems, using Greenfield-based Spartan Solar of Greenfield as its contractor.

HCG Power looks to broker property owners’ clean energy credits

The nonprofit energy supplier of the Hampshire Council of Governments has launched a brokerage service to help maximize investments in clean energy made by property owners in the region. People who install qualified green energy systems can apply for energy credits from the state that can then be sold. For a 7 percent fee, HCG Power will do the selling for the property owner, aggregating those credits with those of others to obtain the best market price, according to the nonprofit.

Solar Thermal Challenge kicks off in Hampshire County

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The Hampshire Council of Government is kicking off the state’s first Solar Thermal Challenge campaign. According to a release sent to 22News, the HCG was awarded a $141,875 grant to fund three rounds of regional solar thermal outreach campaigns. The pilot program is expected to run from fall 2017 into 2018.

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