October 22, 2018

By HCG Energy Credits Team

Property owners are happily reaping the rewards of clean energy thanks to HCG and the Department of Energy Resources’ initiatives supporting renewable and alternative energy sources. This year alone, HCG has sold over 24,000 energy credits for its customers, totaling nearly $3.2 million in sales. All property owners in Massachusetts should look into clean sources of electricity, heating and cooling, and HCG can guide you through the decision-making process.

For those who have installed solar panels, you may be aware that the SREC II program is changing by the end of November into Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target Program (SMART). For homeowners already enrolled in SREC I or SREC II, you can still choose HCG as your aggregator, and keep your money local.

If you are investing in alternative heating and cooling technologies, the news is much brighter. The Alternative Energy Credit (AEC) program launched in January of 2018. These credits capture thermal energy production. Air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, solar thermal and woody biomass are just some of the systems that qualify for these credits. Separate from the tax benefits and rebate programs Massachusetts has put in place, system owners are eager to take advantage of the AEC revenue stream which can offset a tremendous amount of the overall project cost.

HCG serves as an energy credit aggregator for alternative and renewable energy system owners throughout Massachusetts, assisting with the state’s registration process and selling credits on their behalf. Customers are either receiving quarterly payments, yearly payments, or one time lump-sum payments are they leverage this state-wide incentive.

In just the second quarter of 2018, HCG customers produced over 4,200 MHw, generating nearly 800 SREC Is, 3,000 SREC IIs, and over 3,600 AECs. HCG sold $1,268,838 of energy credits in the second quarter alone, ensuring that customers maximize their financial return while keeping the revenue in the local economy. HCG customers earned between 16-28% higher than the Solar Credit Clearinghouse Auction value, with some of the highest MA SREC I values on record!

This state-forged market is proving to pay off to both energy credit owners, and to the future of Massachusetts as it works its way towards ambitious goals of growing reliance on green energy sources. HCG makes sure that the program works for you too. HCG encourages all property owners to explore renewable energy and to maximize their investment by brokering their energy credits through HCG’s groundbreaking service.

For a free consultation, email energycredits@hcg-ma.org or call us at 413-584-1300 x150.