January 8, 2019

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HCG encouraging customers to support local renewable energy while saving 15% on their electricity bills

In December, 2018 alone, HCG sold 4 megawatts of solar net metering credits to local municipalities, schools, nonprofits, and businesses in Western Massachusetts through an expansion of Hampshire Renewables projects in partnership with Nexamp.

“It was an easy decision to work with Hampshire Power to get energy credits from community shared solar,” says Peter St. Martin, owner of Roberto’s and Sylvester’s restaurants in downtown Northampton. “Our electricity costs are lower every month and we’re supporting green power in our area. We are already working with Hampshire Power to get our electricity supply, so this was just another way to use green energy, work with a local nonprofit and save money.”

HCG is working to promote 12 new community solar projects totaling more than 21 megawatts, enough to power approximately 4,000 homes. The solar arrays provide the opportunity for residents, businesses and municipalities to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on their annual electricity bills while supporting local, renewable electricity.

Customers who subscribe to community solar projects through Hampshire Renewables will realize a guaranteed 15% discount on electricity from the solar projects delivered to their National Grid or Eversource utility bills. Hundreds of local residents, nonprofits, and small businesses have already signed up through the Hampshire Renewables website or with HCG representatives. Participants can rest assured that they are not only saving money but also directly supporting a local source of clean, renewable energy.

“The climate crises demands immediate action and HCG is dedicated to bringing local, renewable energy to Western Massachusetts,” says Todd Ford, executive director, HCG. “If you are looking to take action, these net metering credits are a great way to save money, go green and support local, renewables.”

The projects are located throughout the Western Massachusetts region. In Eversource/WMECo territory, projects are located in Amherst, Whately, Plainfield, and Hadley (Nexamp’s third project in Hadley). In National Grid territory, project locations include Palmer, Wales, Granby, Oakham, Winchendon, and Charlton (Nexamp’s third project in Charlton).

Anyone interested in participating should visit to sign up today.

About Hampshire Renewables
Nexamp has partnered with HCG to create the Hampshire Renewables and Net Metering program. Through the program, eligible ratepayers subscribe to a share of a local community solar project based on their projected annual electricity costs. Once the project is constructed and interconnected to the utility grid, participants receive a 15% discount on the value of the electricity generated by their share of the solar project for as long as they remain enrolled.