Hampshire County Emergency Communication System Oversight Committee

The Emergency Communications Oversight Committee was organized by HCG to discuss long-term maintenance, insurance coverage, and capital improvements for the “Hilltown” emergency communications system serving the towns of Chesterfield, Cummington, Goshen, Hatfield, Pelham, Plainfield, Williamsburg, Westhampton, and Worthington. The equipment for the system is currently located on a Communications Tower located in Goshen and owned by HCG.

The Committee created an annual budget for the system that contains line items for insurance, deductibles, capital improvements, and administration. The total budget is offset by revenue from the Goshen Tower’s lease to AT&T. The balance of the annual budget is then allocated among the primary and secondary users with each primary user having one share and the three secondary users sharing one share.

The Committee is currently investigating possibilities for improving and expanding the network so that all of Hampshire County may benefit from a voting-type system that will automatically route communications to the most appropriate tower installation to the State Police dispatch center in Northampton. In FY2016 participants paid $3,400 in annual assessments and the HCOG applied $6,400 from tower rental payments.

FY16 Oversight Committee Appointees:

  • Member towns: Bernard Forgea, Rick Scott, Douglas Field, and Daryl Springman
  • Hampshire County Fire Defense Association: Chris Norris
  • Hampshire County EMS: Mike Rock
  • Massachusetts State Police: Matthew Barstow
  • HCG:  George Peterson III
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