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Electricity SCAM Update

Thank you for keeping your energy dollars local with Hampshire Power. One of the reasons to work with us is because we’re always looking out for you. I’m writing you today with a serious concern – we’ve heard of an increasing number of utility power SCAM calls that are catching some of our customers unaware. Several of our customers have reported to us that they are receiving calls regarding updates to their electricity bill which appear to be from the utility.  

Electricity SCAM Update2019-04-24T11:36:21-04:00

HCG Statement

For more than 2 years HCG (The Hampshire Council of Governments) has been seeking a solution to the unsustainable financial burden posed by the retirement and health care liabilities of former county employees. When County government was abolished in 1999, the Hampshire model was unique in the Commonwealth. Its financial structure has not worked as originally envisioned and the organization has struggled to find sustainable revenue for most of its life. Recognizing that time to create a solution is limited, we have created a plan and are working to achieve it. 

HCG Statement2019-04-17T12:06:41-04:00

Hampshire Power moves to 100% renewable energy in 2019

Hampshire Power has steadily been fulfilling its commitment to combat climate change across Western Massachusetts and beyond. Now, in addition to supporting local renewable generation, Hampshire Power will only sell 100% green energy going forward.

Hampshire Power moves to 100% renewable energy in 20192019-03-27T11:56:16-04:00

March 2019

HCG Purchasing Co-op Launches NEW Rental Equipment Bid To meet a growing need, HCG's Purchasing Co-op is pleased to announce a heavy equipment rental service.

March 20192019-03-13T14:23:46-04:00

Old Hampshire County Courthouse building breaks ground on historic restoration

HCG is pleased to announce the official start of the historic Hampshire County Courthouse restoration. This phase of the project consists of repairs to the roof, tower, as well as windows and masonry. The renovation and repairs are necessary to return this classic building back to the masterpiece it once was. The building is owned and occupied by HCG.

Old Hampshire County Courthouse building breaks ground on historic restoration2019-02-12T09:05:25-04:00

Attention Air Source Heat Pump Installers!

More and more people in Massachusetts are choosing to heat their homes and businesses with air source heat pumps. Did you know that there is a new financial incentive offered through the Department of Energy Resources? Now, not only will system owners be saving money on their annual heating costs by using these highly efficient, renewable systems, but through this program, they will also be able to receive payment from utility companies for the production of their green energy, significantly reducing total installation costs.

Attention Air Source Heat Pump Installers!2019-02-05T15:08:14-04:00